Excessive barking? Hyperactivity? Aggression? Pulling on the leash? Anxiety? Fear?
Self- taught dog behaviorist Erich Mayr will rehabilitate your dog and train you to be their pack leader! Using methods and techniques that mimic what is most natural to them, he will return your dog to a healthy and balanced state, while guiding you to take over the role of pack leader.

Whether your dog is 15 years old, 15 weeks old, or if you're just starting to look for a dog, Erich can provide a service that will benefit all of you. Click here for a detailed list of services.
Erich truly wants to make a difference. He believes educating the human is the best, most effective way to do this. He is a volunteer with the Austin Animal Shelter fostering dogs, and uses every opportunity to educate as many people as possible.

Contact us now and get started on the path to balance and harmony!